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All new for 2024 we launched the Creators Forum, AVA’s new artist talent development opportunity for aspiring electronic music makers. Supported by Arts Council England the Creators Forum is an artist camp that began at AVA London, to inspire, creatively develop and professionally educate & connect during the conference then undergo a writers residency at TYX Studios. Ten selected participants had full access to all of AVA London’s workshops, lectures, talks, recording studio time and 1-to-1 mentoring with music-focussed creative professionals.

After hundreds of applications and very careful consideration from our mentor committee, we arrived with a cohort of 10 talented individuals, each of whom participated in the programme. Watch this space for new music and projects from these artists…



[SC / IG]

Originally from Fife on Scotland’s east coast but now based in Glasgow, producer naafi has been quietly building a reputation in the Scottish music scene through their collaboration work in the last couple of years; a co-writer on some of TAAHLIAH’s award-garnering Angelica EP, production work on Alliyah Enyo’s debut album alongside a special performance at last year’s Hidden Door festival with Enyo, and Soundbox – an artist development programme with the Scottish Chamber Orchestra pushing the boundaries between classical and electronic genres.

naafi makes music that combines club-infused beats with floating ambient tendencies. Or, in naafi’s own words “sparkly”, the type of melodic electronic music they grew up listening to. After releasing debut single “Magnolia” – featured on taste-making playlists from Crack Magazine, Dummy and Disco Naïveté, plus radio support from KEXP and Amazing Radio – and second track “UVA”, naafi is set to release their debut EP – also called UVA – on 12 April.


Sloucho_AVA Creators Forum

 [SC / IG]

Unbeknownst to himself, Sloucho was placed on this earth during a nefarious plot by his incidental creator Rás nearly 10,000 years ago. In an attempt to find his ancestors and the meaning for his existence, Sloucho with the help of his dog Maramu has been ‘Memory Walking’ across Ireland following whispers of his home world Athrú. Sloucho explores this journey sonically through his debut album ‘NPC’ forthcoming via Sweet Sun Records. This story is just beginning…


Carδamo - AVA Creators Forum


[SC / IG]

Carδamo is a neuroqueer producer and performing artist from West London who draws influence from UK Club Culture as well as the Underground Queer Scene; pioneered by Trans artists and DJs like SOPHIE. Trained as a classical violinist since infancy, Carδamo possesses great theoretical knowledge as well as innate performative instinct. Having spent the last 5 years in further education studying the socio-cultural implications of alternative dance music alongside self- producing and releasing ‘ANDROGENISE’ as their debut LP, Carδamo seeks to continue to grow and develop their sonic signature. Inspired by the likes of Charli XCX, Dorian Electra, Count Baldor, Shygirl, JME & Artful Dodger, it is evident that Carδamo is an artist looking to radicalise the dancefloor by exploring the fringes of “acceptable” dance music.


alien izz - AVA Creators Forum

Alien Izz

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Alien Izz is a producer, DJ and radio host whose music explores an eclectic mix of underground sounds from acid, breaks, trance and electro to the more leftfield and wonky fringes of techno, bass and beyond.


brawni - AVA Creators Forum


[SC / IG]

Brawni’s intention is to make electronic music inspired by places to create a portal for listeners to dive into. Following releases on community-label Cloudcore (alongside fellow Irish producer Sloucho) and support from UK mystery duo Two Shell, Brawni has established himself as one of the most exciting, future-facing electronic music composers in Ireland and beyond. Previously a member of the CABAL collective based in Limerick – the artist has his sights set on a forward-thinking club-night concept that incorporates his love of machines called ‘Hardware’ which will see four different live artists go back-to-back for four hours of live innovation across a range of DIY spaces. Committed to pushing the boundaries of what is expected from modern electronic music, Brawni’s is a testament to the artist’s dedication in producing incredible sonic experiences that are not quickly forgotten.


Body Clinic

Body Clinic

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Having just released his debut 12-inch as Body Clinic on DJ Cosworth’s HARDLINE sub-label Body High, as well as a single on Holly Lester’s Duality Trax imprint, 20-year-old Rory Gilmore has showcased a tasteful sonic palette well beyond his young years, having already received support on the likes of Boiler Room, Rinse Fm, Balamii, NTS and BBC R1. Showcasing a blend of his biggest influences – from tech house wobblers to steppy UKG and post-punk electronic hybrids to progressive warpers, you can catch him at upcoming festival slots across the UK, with the likes of AVA Festival and Demsfest.


LACATY - AVA Creators Forum


[SC / IG]

LACATY is a DJ developed in Berlin, now based in London. Known for mixing underground 90s house gems with trance, breaks, power house and garage, and with a slew of exciting projects on the horizon including her debut EP. LACATY is poised to take the scene by storm.


Nina Rose

Nina Rose

[Spotify / IG]

Introducing Nina Rose: The Rising Star Bringing the Rhythm of Afrobeats to the World. An exciting new talent in the music industry, Nina Rose is making waves with her unique blend of Afro-inspired beats and captivating melodies. With her infectious energy and soulful vocals, Nina Rose is poised to become a prominent figure in the Afrobeats genre.

Hailing from London with Jamaican and Ghanaian heritage, Nina Rose has always been deeply passionate about music. Her latest single “FOLLOW”  has already garnered significant attention from both fans and industry insiders. Its infectious rhythm, paired with Nina Rose’s enchanting vocals, has propelled her into the spotlight, gaining recognition for her talent and potential. Listeners have praised her ability to effortlessly blend modern, international sounds with traditional African influences, making her music accessible and enjoyable to a diverse range of audiences.


Raji Rags - AVA Creators Forum

Raji Rags

[SC / IG]

Raji Rags is a shape-shifter, always taking on new forms. Whether you know him as a DJ, a label head, an A&R or behind the scenes at institutions like Boiler Room, Warp, Bleep, Livin’ Proof and now at the helm of his own label, OTIH Records, he has refused to be boxed into one category, constantly evolving. A mainstay of the London music scene, Raji Rags skips across genres gracefully, epitomised by his long standing NTS radio show. The British-South Asian creative has already lived many lives, and now it is time for the next one.

‘Congratulations’ is the debut EP from Raji Rags. A culmination of his influences merged together, the EP spans breakneck percussive rhythms across five tracks, melding together string arrangements and orchestration with hip-hop methodology. It’s full of vigour and purpose, not a note out of place, melodic and layered, the EP is gratifyingly hard to categorise.


Yumé NET - AVA Creators Forum

Yumé NET

[SC / IG]

As our lives move more and more online, the boundaries between the natural and digital world become increasingly blurry. Yumé NET is interested in interrogating these boundaries. Whether it’s in her research as a bioelectronics PhD student developing electronics that interface with the human nervous system. Or in her music, where she crafts coruscating and otherworldly musical landscapes that explore what it means to be human in an increasingly online society. Using a meld of modern jazz and experimental electronic music as her framework, Yumé sets out to tell stories about the very personal and very human aspects of her life (platonic love, trans joy, identity, bigotry, community) and how technology has transformed them. Tender but heavy, calculated but full of love, her music invites the listener to join her in exploring what lies between and beyond the 0s and 1s.

AVA Creators Forum is co-funded by the Arts Council England with TYX Studios, alongside a range of supporting audio and cultural partners.


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