AVA Mix Series: Dart

Jordan Rafferty is a Dublin native and AVA Emerging Producer alumni. We’ve been pleased as punch to see him go from strength to strength since he snatched the crown back in 2018. You may know him as DART (Dublin Area Rapid Trax) a play on the city’s commuter transit system.

In the early days of his Hanger residency he rubbed shoulders with some of Ireland’s most riotous acts, including Kettama, Tommy Holohan and Shampain. Since then he’s seen a string or releases on Shall Not Fade, Hot Flush and even a six track EP on Hammer’s Remmah imprint.

We sat down with the man himself ahead of his return to AVA Belfast, where in just two weeks he’ll step up for another shot at the Boiler Room stage in front of our second to none, Belfast crowd.


You’ve come a long way since winning our Emerging Producer Programme back in 2018, tell us about your journey
It’s been pretty mental, other than almost 2 years of it being put on hold due to covid lol. I can’t complain though as I’ve been very lucky to be supported by so many amazing people and promoters – AVA being a big one. Playing clubs like Subby & Warehouse Project were only a dream to me before I won the Emerging Producer Programme. Those dreams have now all become reality.

Could you tell us a bit about your production process?
Melodies tend to come easy to me, so I usually start by writing some chords. I’m a sucker for emotional pads and breakdowns. Bass lines and counter melodies come next, with drums being added last. I tend to never spend longer than around an hour on a project and then it’s onto the next one. When I dwell on something I get too frustrated and start to hate the project.

Any favourite moments from AVA’s gone by?
So many, but I think my favourite is from last year’s festival. Watching my good pal Hammer close the mainstage was a special moment. It was many people’s first festival off the back of lockdowns and there was just a sense of happiness buzzing around. 

What were some of your earliest musical influences? Any guilty pleasures?
As far as I can remember I’ve been listening to stuff like hip hop & punk rock. I still do every day. When I was around 12 years old I started to collect electronic music records, mainly a mixture of trance/house/techno. My parents actually handed me down all of their records too! Everything from CJ Bolland to Chicane. 

If you could collaborate with any artist living or dead, who would it be?
I’m going to say two here because they’re both very different. Whitearmour & Title Fight!

It’s recently been announced that the clubs can open until 6am in the South, what do you think that means for the scene down there?
I don’t think that’s been confirmed yet? Although there have been promising signs that it will happen – mainly down to the huge effort by Give Us The Night. It’ll be welcomed with open arms by everyone involved in the night time industry but I’m sure there’ll be many learning curves too. There aren’t many clubs down here that will adapt to the 6am closing immediately in my opinion. The one thing I do know is that it’ll benefit everyone in the future and help the development of culture in the south.

How are you feeling about your return to Boiler Room at AVA this year?
I’m buzzing! It feels like this moment has been coming since 2018. You’d think there wouldn’t be much pressure as it’s my second time on Boiler Room, but this one is even more important to me as it’s at AVA – where it all began.

What was your approach to this mix?
I always approach every mix/set with high energy and this one was no different. Expect a load of trancey goodness along with some unreleased stuff thrown in there.


  1. Maruwa – Mindstab
  2. DJ Life – Hexed 
  3. Java – Cosmos (C Mix)
  4. Technotronic – I Want You By My Side (Hysteria Club Mix)
  5. Sally C – Downtown
  6. brandi – Late Nite Check Out (D.Tiff & Byron’s Mix)
  7. Exit EEE – Epidemic 
  8. S.U.N Project – Computer Breath
  9. Dinge Queen In The Mist – Take Me Alive 
  10. DJ Flavours – Your Caress
  11. DART – Unreleased 

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