Max Cooper Live A/V Stream

Max Cooper Live A/V Stream Announced

We have teamed up Max Cooper to bring to life the beautiful Carlisle Church in our hometown, Belfast. The show blends visual content across the history of our society’s obsessions with the infinite, in art, our climate, networks, and science, and it’s fruition in the modern data explosion. We’ve been working towards making this project happen for over 3 years now, and want to thank our partners Red Bull and Arts Council NI for the support in helping bring this together, along with Max Cooper’s team, Visual Spectrum, The Hype Factory and Third Source.The stream will be free for our community on November 18th 20.00 GMT, available on Youtube, Facebook and
To get the most of the experience we encourage you to link up sound systems and big screens to create the best set up you can!
Signup at to be kept updated.


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