Re-Queering Dancefloors

Re-Queering Dancefloors
Thursday, The British Library

Over the decades, dance music and nightclubbing has become an easily accessible commodity, peddled to the global masses. It’s often forgotten that the roots of dance music and nightclubbing come from queer underground spaces. Since the 2010s there has been a resurgence of innovation and reclamation of these spaces from the underground up. Led by passionate individuals; focussed on the music, the artists and the audience. For this panel, we gather a diverse panel of event organisers from different corners of the LGBTIQ+ scene to discuss the ins-&-outs of organising parties–for queer people, by queer people.

Speakers: Alex Nikolov – (Lexa Services/Vampire Studio/Primavera Sound), Romana – (MasterPLANO), Cass O’Grady – (Playbody / Boiler Room)


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