Sloucho is a mythical being. One of the most mercurial new artists coming out of Ireland in recent times, this prolific producer hops between a myriad of musical styles through CloudCore-inspired broken beats, bass-driven percussion and alternative dreamscapes in his productions, which should speak to fans Two Shell and the post-dubstep continuum.

Sloucho’s identity is shrouded in mystery and a tapestry of deep lore, inspired by Irish Folklore & the Neolithic Age – a story which he is deploying in the lead-up to the release of his debut album this May. A strong Irish artistic presence runs through Sloucho’s work with guest features from Irish natives Rory Sweeney, EMBY, Curtisy and more. This week, the hooded figure takes to the AVA Mix Series, to offer you a glimpse of the energy he brought to AVA London last weekend.
2024 is the year of Sloucho.

Sloucho made his debut with AVA in London on Saturday 2nd March at HERE in Outernet with a stunning live AV set which consisted of mainly unreleased, a story which they are deploying in the lead-up to the release of his debut album NPC this May on Sweet Sun Records.
The first single with Rory Sweeney drops this Friday, March 8th.


BJF – Dengue
El Gusano – Arrebatao (ft. El Descarao)
Pantera – Socadinha w. Paul Mond, Dave Nunes
DJ Ranking – Ravesito UmU x Kuchi Kuchi
DJ Ranking – Que levante la mano mi gente
El Gusano – Saka La Bolsita
Bing – la9 (edit)
Judge Jude – Diva
Portway – Dropshipping
Fork and Knife – Glib
An Arvin – Paticake
Bluetoof – Newt Licker
Bitter Babe & Nick Leon – Gøce
Tokischa – Toy En Nota (Wost Remix)
An Arvin – Sloppy
DJ Fucci – Parranda
Doctor Jeep – Push The Body
Danny Goliger – Archos Gmini
Galactic Sound Dealer – 2003
MadeInParis, Maureen – Auto (Cardozo Edit)
DJ Fucci – MXN
Siu Mata & Amor Satyr – Nechung
King Doudou – Hellcat
LAZA – Atomica

What was your approach to producing this AVA Mix?
I found an oddly shaped rock while out with my dog Maramu. Fortunately I had just built a new codec analyser in my studio for processing items just like this. Who knew this is what rocks sounded like.

Tell us a bit about Sloucho.
Sloucho is the future and the past.

What were some of your earliest musical influences?
The sounds of trees, the crashing of giant waves and the howling winds.

If you had a studio fire, what’s the one bit of kit you’d rush to save?
My head-torch.

What’s your ultimate opening or closing track?
Sloucho – Mind Traveller

If you could work or collaborate with any artist living or dead, who would it be?

You have a new album coming up, what’s the concept behind it?
The dual existence of being a main character and NPC. Both states of existence can be simultaneously true.

What is Cloudcore?
Cloudcore is a webspace music sanctuary, a place to make friends, share music and hang out.

Photography by Khris Cowley @asianprovocateur for Here & Now @wearehereandnow

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