AVA London 2020

AVA London Conference Full Programme


AVA London is a two day conference and ticketed club showcase at Printworks, featuring some of the leading thinkers and artists in music and the audio visual arts. On Friday 13th March, the conference will feature some of the key artists and industry in electronic music, creating a space to perform and a platform to discuss future projects, their creative process, the current and future landscape + more. Joining us by day on Friday for a variety of keynotes, panels and workshops will be Orbital, Coldcut, Jayda G, Actress, Daniel Miller, Ninja Tune, Soundcloud, Resident Advisor and many more.



Opening Keynote: 30 Years of Ninja Tune

One of the most notable independent  labels of our time, Ninja Tune celebrates 30 years as a pioneering force in music. With notable signings such as BICEP, Floating Points and Marie Davidson among many others, Ninja Tune join us to discuss the origins of the label, it’s growth in recent years and plans to push forward for the future with founders Coldcut alongside artists Jayda G + Actress

Moderator: Joe Muggs

Panelists: Coldcut [Artist]
Jayda G [Artist]
Actress [Artist]


The Game Changers

We invite 4 key industry professionals, who throughout their career have played a role in facilitating a significant shift in the way of thinking about the landscape of electronic music, through artist management, bookings, partnerships, festival creation and promotion.

Moderator: Joe Muggs

Panelists: Steve Hogan [WME]
Georgia Tagliett [Sonar/Shesaid.so]
Mark Newton [Broadwick Live]
Oliver Isaacs [ThisIsMusic]


Closing Keynote: Orbital

The iconic duo have crafted a sound that is uniquely theirs throughout a distinguished career, leading the way for a generation of electronic musicians. Always pushing the boundaries of what is possible with live electronic music performance – join us as we sit down with the Hartnoll brothers ahead of their Printworks Debut at AVA London.

Moderator: Seamas O’Reilly
Panelists: Orbital [Artist]





Mustard Media Presents
Festivals: The Power Of Brand

This panel will discuss the power of brand in the festival world, what makes people really care, how building brand is stronger than short term marketing, festival brands compared to artist brands, how brand translates internationally.

Moderator: Oli Hackett

Panelists: Sarah Cole [AEI Group / El Dorado]
Richard Zjilma [Co Founder, ADE]
Tom Ketley [FLY]




RA Exchange Live with Daniel Miller

Since its inception in 1978, Mute Records has grown to become a global affair, with Daniel Miller at the helm of one of the industry’s most respected labels. Born out of Miller’s original solo project “The Normal” – Mute has featured artists such as Depeche Mode & Goldfrapp among others over the years, on an eclectic roster. He joins us at AVA London 2020 for a live Resident Advisor Exchange to discuss his journey with Mute Records, and what might lie ahead.

Moderator: Martha Pazienti Caidan [Resident Advisor]

Panelists: Daniel Miller [Mute Records]




Sentric Electronic Presents: From Production To Prosperity

Sentric Electronic opens the conversation with established writers and their teams on the process of turning creative output into publishing income and the impact royalties have had on their careers. 

Moderator: Mark Lawrence

Panelists: Shadow Child [Artist]
Matt Stuart [Manager – Old New World/ATC]
Patrick Cloherty [Head of UK Sync/Sentric]





AVA x AFEM presents: Tackling The Climate Crisis
As global heating continues unabated, how can our industry help to tackle the climate crisis? We bring together a range of industry experts to discuss how artists, clubs, festivals, and all those involved can play their part in contributing to a more environmentally sustainable future for fans and professionals alike.

Moderator: Tristan Hunt

Panelists: Hadi Ahmadzadeh [Tail & Twist / Eco Disco]
Arron Dowie [Zenobe Energy]
George Sandilands [Creative Production Manager – Eastern Electrics]



PRS For Music – Breaking Into The Industry

What are the different income streams available to dance music creators and how do you get paid? An experienced panel will explore the mechanisms behind recording/publishing deals, DJ/live performances, remix fees, collections societies and more.

Moderator: Ashley Howard

Panelists: Bjorn Sandberg [FUGA]
Sam Lowe [Senior A&R Warner Chapell]
Sophia Kearney [Manager, Weird and Wonderful]


Abbey Road – Mastering and Mixing Masterclass

Led by an Abbey Road engineer, who will reveal the tips, tricks, and secrets to all the different facets of recording and mixing.

with Paul Pritchard and Christian Wright


Immerse AVA – What Makes an Experience Truly Immersive?

As Technology develops, along with the expectations of the Live Music Sector, Audience and Industry, we ask the question; ‘What makes an experience truly immersive, and how will this evolve in the future?’ We will explore the relationship between audio and visual arts, how this is communicated to the audience – to create an environment where the hearing and vision systems become entirely immersed into a singular live experience. 

The session will investigate the relationship between these elements using engineering, interactivity and spatial design to create art-directed experiences. The session will consist of leading innovators within the Immersive technologies field – representing local and international advancements within the industry across lighting, visual, interactivity, sonic and installation arts.

Moderator: Sarah McBriar [AVA]
Panelists: Dan Tombs [2MS Studio]
Chris Canavan [19Mil]
Bill Brooks [d&b audiotechnik]




The Changing Shape of DJ Culture
We invite world-renowned DJs to the table for a fun but informative conversation about their unique approaches to DJing and the changing landscape of technology and DJ culture. We’ll break down the hidden costs of being a DJ, explore what it takes to stand out in a crowded, increasingly democratized space, and discuss whether being a producer and/or label owner is still a prerequisite for a successful DJ career. As we delve into the art of DJing and the impact of technology, we’ll look at new and potentially controversial formats and analyze what DJs are doing to retain an edge in a time of barrier-free entry and online DJ booths.

Moderator: Jack Bridges

Panelists: Cinthie [Artist]
Spencer Parker [Artist]


The Art of Self Care
How focusing on your mental health can lead to sustainable success. From avoiding temptation, balancing work and personal life, to providing support to someone else who’s in need – this panel of artists and mental health professionals will share tips on how to find sustainable success through wellness. 

Moderator: Hazel Berry

Panelists: Lara Cullen [The People Person]
Denise Sherwood [Music Support Counselor]
Tom Middleton [DJ + Sleep Expert]
Tristan Hunt [AFEM]


The Breakthrough Artist

Jensen Interceptor, Object Blue, Lobster Theremin founder Asquith and Josh Farmer join us in a discussion about how you can use your authenticity, creativity and unique artistic perspective to stand out in an otherwise crowded music scene. Learn how to engage your audience, build your industry knowledge and ultimately drive your music project forward without having to compromise your artistry. Additionally, you’ll hear from influential media and press as they offer up advice on how to put your best foot forward and make an impact.

Moderator: Martha Pazienti Caidan [Resident Advisor]

Panelists: Jensen Interceptor [Artist]
object blue [Artist]
Asquith [Lobster Theremin]
Josh Farmer [NTS]



SoundCloud Music Showcase 

6pm Onwards (AVA+ tickets holders only)

The forum wraps with a DJ showcase, featuring Object Blue, Jensen Interceptor, Lobster Theremin label founder, Asquith, Machine Woman and more special guests to be announced. 

AVA+ Pass – £15 + booking fee – available here

– Access to AVA Conference Evening Networking Drinks + 1 x Complimentary Drink
– Access to Soundcloud Creators Forum Artist Showcase with;
Jensen Interceptor
Object Blue
Machine Woman (LIVE)
– 3 months Free Soundcloud Pro Unlimited Subscription






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