AVA x Boiler Room: Year 10 Announced

AVA x Boiler Room: Year 10 Announced

10 Years of AVA X Boiler Room

For a decade now, the high-energy Belfast crowd has served as the backdrop for kickstarting the careers of many iconic artists. Now it’s time for Boiler Room to return to “their favourite place” once again.

We’ve joined forces once again for 10 years of Boiler Room at AVA. Expect some seriously exciting debuts alongside some of the most respected international names in electronic music and the return of some AVA festival favourites, this June.

Please welcome KI/KI, Special Request b2b Anz, DJ Boring b2b salute, Narciss, Nick Leon, Sam Alfred, Juicy Romance, Space Dimension Controller, Aika Mal and Sloucho [Live].


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