Mix Series: Timmy Stewart

AVA Mix Series: Timmy Stewart

Timmy Stewart a.k.a. T-Bone has been referred to as The Godfather of the Belfast Scene… and there might be some truth to that. Timmy has thrown some of the city’s most revered parties alongside our own Jordan Nocturne as one half of The Night Institute, with an emphasis on showcasing the best in the local scene.

He uses his Extended Play and Black Bones labels as a platform to promote some of the most exciting new talent that the island has to offer and is always one to shout his favourite up-and-coming artists, as you’ll see from his chat with us. 

Catch Timmy at AVA Belfast 2022 on Titanic Slipways this June – if his recent Boiler Room (and secret set at our Baltic stage) are anything to go by he isn’t one you want to miss!


1. What’s happening!!!…. in the world of Timmy Stewart today?
All good this side thanks. Enjoying the first rays of spring sunshine in the glorious east and planning our next TNI’s over here, which has been different but very refreshing as I was raised in this part of the city.

2. Tell us about your next release?
I’ve been working on a broad range of music these days. As we had all lost our dance floors for such a long period, I’d been replacing gigs with more home studio sessions. Recently I remixed David Holmes, The Vendetta Suite & new signing to Extended Play “just doc.” as well as a range of original material at varying BPMs. I’d definitely say without the distractions of gigs, I’ve made more music in the last few years than previously. I even started producing some stuff for a friend, as well as completing new Black Bones material and working on some interesting collaborations. Get ready for the effects of multiple lockdowns across some of my favourite labels.

3. Who is the next hot talent to come from Northern Ireland?
Reger a.k.a. Robbie McCammon is a proper talent behind the decks and on the computer, so passionate too. Very high hopes for Robbie as well as KEM, Gilmore, Matheson, More Gain, Caoimhe, Cartin, Sam Pyper, Nikki O & Sean Den.
Such a nice wave of next generation talent on the way and all very grounded and humble, which is great to see.

4. You have played with AVA since the beginning, tell us what is special about the Festival?
What’s not to like? Last year blew my mind a little, so I guess the fact it keeps evolving and being exciting plus the general togetherness it creates by uniting the Irish clans across a weekend.

5. Who are you most looking forward to at this years AVA Festival in Belfast?
I’ve really fallen in love with the productions of Logic1000 of late, she has two belters in this mix I’ve done for you guys. Check the Perfume track, anyone who can blend R&B and techno like that will always get my vote. Always such great percussion too, so very keen to hear what she plays!


  1. Special Request – The True Knot
  2. HY:LY – Stasis
  3. Calibre – Badman (with DRS)
  4. VTSS – Trust Me
  5. Mura Masa – Love$ick ft. A$AP Rocky (Four Tet Remix)
  6. Logic1000 – Precision
  7. Overmono – BMW Track
  8. Bicep – Metro
  9. Giant Swan – Pandaemonium
  10. Kessler – Endura
  11. just doc. – More Substance (T-Bone’s For The Love Of Dub)
  12. Soichi Terada & Larry Heard ft. Nami Shimada – Sunshower
  13. Warriors of the Dystotheque ft. Lydia Kaye – Lost in Your Silence (Cartin Remix)
  14. Jordan Nocturne ft. Le Boom – Day 2
  15. Logic1000 – Perfume
  16. LSDXOXO – Green Inferno
  17. Floorplan – Alter Ego/Gil Scott Heron – T.R.W.N.B.T
  18. The Vendetta Suite – Warehouse Rock (Timmy Stewart’s Sunrise Reprise)
  19. Jon Hopkins – Abandon Window

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