AVA 10 x Seanchoíche: “Unity”

AVA 10 x Seanchoíche

This year AVA continues to build a feeling of unity in its home city, Belfast. 

To celebrate our 10th birthday occasion, AVA is teaming up with Irish-storytelling sensation Seanchoíche, for an evening of ordinary people telling extraordinary stories, centered around the special theme of “Unity”.

Taking place at the birthplace of Titanic, the Pumphouse on Thompson’s dock, an evening of storytelling, laughter and music will be accompanied by complimentary drinks supplied by Titanic Distillers who own a distillery housed in the iconic space.

If you have a story about AVA, about Music, or relating to the theme of ‘Unity’, we would love to hear it. Speakers go free, and can bring a guest. If you know someone who has a story worth sharing please send them our way.Submit your story to us using this linked form.  We’ll be in touch via email with those that are successful in their applications. If you purchase a ticket, and your story is selected, your ticket will be refunded.

The capacity for this event will be extremely limited, there are only 70 tickets in total. You can get them below.


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